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Cool Lipolysis Body Treatments

For most of us, weight loss is going to come down to the basics: Eat less and move more. Nothing beats a healthy diet and regular exercise, but even then, you have bits that bulge no matter what, right? 

But those areas that just don't respond - how do you exercise away that strip of flab on your back above your bra? Who's got the moves to make love handles disappear, or that poochy tummy that won't go away? 

Now there's an answer, Cool the fat away! 

Researchers at the Harvard University found that chilling at the correct temperature destroys fat cells. A new treatment called Cryolypolysis (Cold Lipolysis) cools the fat cells in small areas so they shrink and can be eliminated naturally from the body. Extensive scientific research that demonstrates fat cells are susceptible to extreme cold, unlike the surrounding skin or muscle.

A vacuum like device is placed over the area, pulling the skin taught but its NOT painful. For a few minutes, the feeling of intense cold dissipates and the area will go numb. The vacuum's cooling plates chill the fat for about an hour. The sub-zero temperatures causes fat cells to die, which are then absorbed and flushed away by the body over the next few months, reducing your targeted fat layer by, on average, 20% and if you're lucky, nearly 40%. 

When the device comes off, you will have a  very cold red lump to contemplate, but it soon flattened out by massaging it and by the time you get home it will be gone. 

The area will be tender for a few days following, but far from debilitating. 

A month and a half later your treated area will have a profound difference. The consistency of the fat itself will change from hard and stubborn to soft  and yielding. 

Most dramatic results show at two months, your body continues to flush out the fat cells for up to six months. And as Long as you maintain your weight with a normal diet, exercise and drink at least 2lt of water a day, the results should be stable and long term. 

Initial test showed that after one procedure, people lost between 10 and 37 percent of the fat, with an average loss of 25 percent after six months. 

Cool Lipolysis is not for those who are obese or very overweight, but for people with pockets of belligerent fat on thighs, butts, tummies or arms ("bingo wings") 

Cool Lipolysis is definitely an option for people who don't want to go the liposuction route. A single treatment is usually enough, but a larger tummy might require two treatments. 

 We highly recommend you come in for a free consultation to ascertain the exact treatment you require.


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